Announcing Validated RC 13.7
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Validated REDCap is now available at Cumming School of Medicine (CRU)!

We are excited to announce that the CRU has completed the validation of its REDCap 13.7 instance. This REDCap instance meets Health Canada/ICH GCP requirements to run phase 3 and regulatory clinical trials.

The upgrade introduces exciting features and enhancements to elevate the user experience:

  • New MyCap mobile app: Specifically designed to enhance participant engagement and retention, especially in projects with regular participant contact, such as daily or weekly surveys.
  • Multi-language support: Facilitates effortless language switching in instruments, benefiting both data entry personnel and survey respondents.
  • New data export options: Seamless integration with Tableau for enhanced data analysis.
  • New inline preview option for uploaded images and PDF files (instead of only seeing the filename in an upload field and downloading to view it, the uploaded image/file can be displayed in RC)
  • New embed option for files sent via text and email. These file/image attachments are stored in the new "Miscellaneous File Attachments" folder in the File Repository.

We are delighted to support you with your electronic data capture requirements. If you are considering starting a new REDCap project, please complete our intake survey.

For additional information, please explore our REDCap Resource Centre and check the attached frequently asked questions. For inquiries or concerns, please reach out to us at We look forward to continuing our collaborations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “validated” mean?
  • Health Canada and ICH GCP outline requirements for electronic data capture for regulatory trials, such as clinical trials.
  • The CRU has thoroughly tested our REDCap platform and developed processes to ensure the instance sufficiently meets these requirements.
    • Our approach to validation was to use test scripts and draft supplementary standard operating procedures.
  • Note: Study teams are responsible for ensuring validation at the project level by testing and validating that the project setup functions as expected. The CRU has prepared guides to help study teams with project validation.
What are the benefits of a validated REDCap instance?
  • REDCap is an easy-to-use EDC platform. It is widely used and many researchers and study teams are already familiar with it. There is a significant international community of REDCap users, which creates a vast support network for continuous improvement of our REDCap service.
  • Other validated EDC tools (e.g., REDCap Cloud, DataFax) can be challenging to use and to set up databases. REDCap services are also offered at significantly lower cost than these other validated EDC tools.
What will this cost?
  • The CRU has developed a new (pricing and support structure) that provides tailored support for all project types and greater flexibility based on project and researcher needs.
    • Exact development costs for CRU supported REDCap project builds will continue to be estimated from intake meetings and consultations.
  • The CRU operates on a cost-recovery model. Annual maintenance fees help us recover overhead for maintaining the REDCap platform, such as system administration, backups, and supplementary license fees.
    • The fee for the validated instance will incorporate additional work required to achieve and maintain validation.
How do I open a new project on the CRU’s validated REDCap platform?
  • To request the creation of new REDCap user accounts, the creation of a new REDCap project, CRU support to build your REDCap project, and a variety of other tools offered by the CRU, please complete an intake survey. A member of our team will then address your request as soon as possible.
What will happen as part of REDCap Revitalization?
  • Some of the initiatives and new services included in REDCap Revitalization are:
    • Validated REDCap instance to support regulatory trials
    • A single unified instance requiring only one log-in
    • A new support structure, including updated and detailed documentation, REDCap training, and updated methods for accessing CRU support
    • A new pricing model that’s more transparent and inclusive to help with budgeting and grant applications
Why is the CRU changing so much?
  • Research needs and technical solutions have evolved over time. Based on researcher feedback and input, we are changing to better meet those needs.
    • The focus of the CRU is to offer high quality data and research support services in a financially sustainable manner. Our website provides additional information on our renewed strategic vision.
  • As shared by many across the university, the CRU is facing increased financial pressure. We are taking this as an opportunity to find efficiencies and improve the services we offer.
  • Want to help us on our journey? We will be putting out a call for members to join an advisory board. Stay tuned for more details!
It sounds like the CRU is doing lots! How can I stay up to date on what the CRU is doing?
  • We’ll be posting updates and announcements on our website, as well as sending important CRU updates to all users via email.
  • Want to help us on our journey? We will be putting out a call for members to join an advisory board. Stay tuned for more details!
REDCap validation was supported in part by the Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit, which is committed to building capacity in patient-oriented research by sharing expertise with students and new researchers.
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