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Electronic Data Capture Services

The CRU provides access and capacity building tools in the areas of data capture, databases, and data management. We are the University of Calgary’s provider of REDCap access and value-add services, including database builds, setup and configuration, and implementation of advanced features.

Interested in starting a REDCap project with us? We support two project types:

  1. Self-service projects: Research teams experienced in REDCap can complete the build and setup themselves. The CRU provides users with access to REDCap and maintains the REDCap platform, such as updates/patches, data backups, and system administration.
  2. CRU supported projects: We have specialized expertise in REDCap database development and are happy to complete an end-to-end project build for research studies. This is ideal for research teams who are new to REDCap, studies that need advanced or complex features, or who want a convenient full service option.

Large research groups or institutes can enter into a partnership model with the CRU for more cost-effective and holistic support services. Contact us to discuss further!


All REDCap projects pay platform maintenance fees to help us cost recover the overhead to maintain our REDCap system. CRU development and setup support fees for supported projects are determined on a project-by-project basis.

CRU Development and Setup Support Fees

Fees for CRU support are determined on a project-by-project basis. CRU support includes services such as database setup, development, and custom add-ons. Please complete our intake survey and our team will reach out to set up a consultation.

Platform Maintenance Fees

The CRU offers a variety of service tiers to meet the unique needs of different projects.

The Compliant Clinical Trial Tier (CCTT) is designed for the specific requirements of Health Canada and FDA regulated clinical trials.

Regular REDCap project fees apply to all other project types and include consultation hours for advanced support. Add-ons are available for enhanced support services:

  • Clinical Trial Add-On: Enhanced support for all other clinical trials, but at less rigour and lower cost than the CCTT.
  • Registry Add-On: Enhanced security and support services ensure high data quality standards that are essential for longitudinal data.
See below for the full breakdown of service plans

EDC Service Plans









$2,200/yearStandard supportDaily backupsSystem maintenanceRegular platform updatesDedicated CRU project managerGuaranteed response times for audit supportData transfer guidanceClinical Trial add-on+$500 /year+$500 /year+$500 /yearRegistry add-on+$500 /year+$500 /year+$500 /yearAdvanced supportUp to 2 hours/yearUp to 5 hours/yearUp to 10 hours/yearUp to 10 hours/yearAdditional support$150 /hour$150 /hour$150 /hour$150 /hourResponse timesBasic
first come, first serveIntermediate
within 2-3 business daysPriority
within 1 business dayPriority
within 1 business dayLoyalty discount15%
3+ REDCap projects15%
3+ REDCap projects15%
3+ REDCap projects15%
3+ REDCap projects

*The fee for archived projects is $200/year. No support hours are provided.

DataXplor add-ons

Frequently Asked Questions

If my project is a regulated clinical trial, am I required to subscribe to the CCTT?

Yes, regulated clinical trials are required to subscribe to the CCTT. This ensures all regulatory requirements are met and we can best support in case of an audit.

If my project is a clinical trial or registry, am I required to subscribe to the add-ons?

Yes, as these add-ons provide additional privacy and security measures and supporting documentation tailored to these project types.

If my project is not a clinical trial or registry, can I subscribe to the CCTT or add-ons?

Yes, absolutely! Any project looking for additional privacy and security measures are welcome to subscribe to the CCTT or add-ons. Please indicate on your intake survey submission or let us know at

If I don’t need REDCap for a full year, can I get a discount?

In some cases, annual maintenance fees can be pro-rated for less than a year. Please reach out to us at to discuss further.

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