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Data is your most important asset. We can help you manage it.

Data Management

  • Clean, auditable, efficient data collection.
  • Effective data management.
  • REDCap, iDataFax and custom web-based tools.
  • Handle both de-identified and highly secure identified information.
  • Web and fax-based systems to support remote data entry.
  • Centralized collaborative databases.

Methods and Analytics

  • Project planning and execution.

  • Big data analytics.

  • Facilitating study design, approach, and quality analytics.

  • Secure cloud computing technologies.

  • Large administrative datasets.

  • Custom data analysis tools.

Knowledge Translation

  • Streamline the process of applying research knowledge to practical use.

  • Innovative methods.

  •  “Bridging the gap” between observation and action.

  • Synthesis, Dissemination, Exchange and Ethically sound application.

  • CRU custom tools and practices to support KT.

  • Decision Support Tools.

The CRU Provides Cumming School of Medicine Researchers With Access To Forward Thinking, Innovative Methodologies In Health Care.

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Our Mission

At the CRU, we aim to support and enhance health research in the Cumming School of Medicine broadly, with a focus on investigator-initiated research.